Red Hook is a film that explores new possibilities in the horror genre. We follow the story of a ragtag team of successful collage students as they band together to complete a scavenger hunt. However someone, who isn't Gavin, is trying to kill them. Our hero, Jenny Traylor must rise to the occasion to save her friends. But can she get over her troubled pass to achieve this? Or will she too become subject to this deadly scavenger hunt?

The overall film isn't the greatest, but tell me this, how many films have you made? Ohhh, thats right, you haven't, and if you have, I would like to ask you to please exit this website.

The true plot of this film is simply Gavin. That is right, it is Gavin. Are you familiar with Gavin? He is the real hero of the film, depending on your stand point. Not mine however, my hero is Deena. She is the next Austrian action hero I tell you what.


You say that you're leaving, well that comes as no surprise. Still I kinda like this feelin' of being left behind. This ain't nothing new to me, well it's just like goin' home; It's kinda like those sunsets that leave you feelin' so stoned.

Gavin ~ 2009

Gavin, a man of your dreams reimagined to be a serial killer dreamboat! Many argue who is best girl; it is Gavin. What is human perfection? Gavin. Who can recite all of The Bee Movie while baking you a cake? Gavin can, and will again. Need help starting a small business loan? Well, Gavin can help.
Well all I can really say is that Gavin, that's right Gavin, is your man. Need help with your college scavenger hunt? You should probably find someone else. But other then that, Gavin is your man.
What you might not know is that Gavin was played by the grandson of Vincent Price, horror movie legend! Not really, that would be too cool.




You know that nice girl next door you think is very pretty but you’re just too gosh darn afraid to ask out, until one day you build up the courage to ask her out on a date and she says yes. But much to your disappointment she has to look after her younger sister that night and will need to reschedule for the following day. And as the hands of a clock of dark fates strike 10PM, she is murdered by a police officer? Well, Jenny is the younger sister.


Gavin Hemingway is the only son of Martha Hemingway. He never met his real father, but his mother always said that he was upstate working in a special facility for 25 years to life. Even from a young age he has had problems keeping relationships with the opposite gender. He often tried too hard to impress them by doing things they showed a lot of interest in.

Lt. Fox

On his first day on the job, two days before retirement, Lt. Fox witnessed his partner, Officer Police Brutality, murder the oldest of the Traylor family. So for some reason, it's now his responsibility.


Roy isn't the guy who is trying to sleep with Camille by doing her homework, he's the guy who makes websites and wants to sleep with Paula.


Timmy is just an average kid, and no one understands. Mom, and Dad, and Vicky are always giving him commands. But the doom and gloom up in his room, is broken instantly. By his magic little fish that grant his every wish. But in reality no one really likes Tim.


Paula Price from a young age has always wanted to become a reporter. After the mysterious disappearance of her father, Howard “The Hawk” Price, New York City’s greatest reporter, Paula has wanted to follow in his footsteps and continue his legacy. Perhaps she would discover what had happened to her father that dark winter night of 1978.


Higginbotham isn't the guy who makes websites and wants to sleep with Paula, he's the guy who is trying to sleep with Camille by doing her homework.


The oldest daughter of MaRGIe and EDwARd LivINGstON, AnGELa was seeking fame on Broadway. Having already graduated High School at the age of 11, AnGELa had started taking acting classes at nearby venues until she was old enough to be enrolled into schools of the arts.


Born and raised in Vöcklabruck Austria, Deena Weinsteiger is well on her way to becoming the worlds next best Hollywood action hero. She is already scheduled to appear in four action flicks, two from Lions Gate Entertainment, one from Universal Pictures, and one from Warner Bros. Entertainment (another possible film yet to be officially announced).


Top of his class, Chapman “Chappy” Theodore Comstock was valedictorian of his all male private school. Having taken interest in biomechanics and advanced physical therapy, Chappy was hoping to use his knowledge to push new medical advancements forward which could help reduce the negative aspects of the human aging process.


Camille Featherbuttom is in her final year of collage before she pursues her passion as a female reverend to a holy Roman Catholic Church.



Check out this review from your boi at, tough but fair. We thought it was so good, we just had to add it to!
See more videos at, they have content uploaded whenever they get off their lasy tuchus! Sometimes I wonder if Gavin gott'em


View the Jenny TRAILER... ar ar ar. Action packed with things and stuff. Hopefully you don't get too spooked! :)

Disclaimer, this is the actual trailer, it has not been edited in any way.


Red Hook: The Game
Play as Deena as you must fight off hordes of Gavins. Punch Gavins in the face to gain points. Collect power ups to unlock temporary boosts.
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Forget Me Not

"What is this?!" he cried out in fear. "Could this be the film I dreamt of? The beginning of my end? The film which will surpass all that I am, all that I can ever be?" The man, broken, collapses onto the ground. "How can they do this? What kind of god could let this happen? Is there even a god among us us who could ever create such unruly horrors?" The man looks around to see he is alone and resumes "So this is my end."
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